Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Emotions On My Sleeve

My Poem "Emotions On My Sleeve" was recently published in Issue 53 of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly Below is a portion from it.

This is an excerpt from the Poem:
"EMOTIONS On My Sleeve"

...I’ve never cried so much,

Unless you count a Jr. high break up,
But that wasn’t even to this degree.
Self inflicted pain from the rental pumps,
Back pack pumps, and professional grade too.

It will never happen.

Everyone tells me of their remedies;
Some say the cure is to take their fish oil,
Drink their goat’s milk, or try their wonder herb.
I’ve downed fields of barley grass to no avail.

I’m depriving my son -

Of the greatest nutrition in the world.
Someone even had the nerve to tell me
That the reason I can’t produce milk is
Because I’m not emotional enough!

I’m aching to hold him…

They said I don’t feel enough for my child-
The biggest insult I’ve had in my life!
Even though we’ve known each other for years
They have absolutely no idea

How desperate my love is

For my child, I long to take care of him,
To be his mommy and to protect him;
I guess I hide my feelings very well,
But on the inside, emotions don’t quell...

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