Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doubt Your Doubts

Doubt Your Doubts

Renew your mind, change what you think
That just may be your missing link
Don’t focus on what your fault’s about
Now is the time to doubt your doubts

That voice that says you can’t achieve
Is one you really shouldn’t believe
The one that tells you that you can’t
Isn’t seeing straight but at a slant

The one that says you’re unworthy is lying
So ignore that voice and keep on trying
Reasons they say you’ll fail can’t be listed
But hold onto your dreams double-fisted

Do not quit when you hit a snare
That usually means you’re almost there
Staring ahead at rough ground or large hill
Is surely not the time slow down or be still

Soon tightly woven secrets will be unraveled
Continue boldly down the road less-traveled
So not to hear of supposed calamity on these routes
Keep your fingers in your ears, and doubt your doubts

Katherine Norland © 3-1-07 All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Boo Hoo or Try Again?

Got my second rejection letter when I asked for quotes for my second book... people say they don't give quotes anymore because they get too many requests so they automatically say no to every author who asks?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Poem Popping not Pill Popping

this is a pix of the first book I wrote and published through Xulon press... Poetic Prescriptions for Pesky Problems... as you can see on the cover there is a prescription pill bottle, but instead of pills popping out there is little scrolls of paper... poetic prescriptions.
It seems a lot of people take the easy way out and just pop a pill when they have anxiety or depression or a myriad of other things, it's much harder to look within yourself to clear up what is causing these adverse things and find the true solution that will last long after your prescription has run out. We all want to take the easy path, the path of least resistance, the wide road that's already been paved and full or rest stops rather than the road full of rocks, thistles, thorns, and road blocks. Happiness seems to come in a bottle for many, but it's not long lasting, and can make you dependent, damaging not only your body but your psyche... there is a better way, search for it and you will find the answer, if you knock on that door seeking the truth it will be opened.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tough times don't last, tough people do

I've been juggling a lot of ideas for books, as well as compiling poetry books, I have been writing poetry since high school, but only really truly seriously gotten back into it as a regular thing in 2003, when we were in a tough situation where my husband lost his job, lost the cash for the down payment on an apartment from severance pay, and we were about to be homeless. Some friends took us in and we had to cram all of our belongings into one tiny room and space in their garage... I think we may have had to rent storage too? Not sure, it took hubby about 6 months before he found a new job and we were living off of credit cards basically. I was trying to "break in" to the acting world (as I still am). But tough times are always seeds that grow into something great, depending on how often they are watered and given sunshine and whatever else they need.

So the last 6 years that I have written, I have hundreds of poems, not all that great, but deep heartfelt expressions on how I felt at the time, whether I ever decide to share them with the world or not, I don't know. But at least they mean something to me. They got me through some tough times, and as I've said before, paper and pen are much cheaper than a shrink. Thank God for self expression.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I went to a poetry workshop put on by the traveling poets "The Razor Babes" at the Thousand Oaks library Sunday... they shared their poems, then we broke up into small groups and wrote based on the line "If I Could"... each line had to start with that phrase.
Then after reading to our group, they selected what they thought was the best line from that poem and we wrote another based on that line... which we then read before the group.
It was a fun little hour and a half, I was moved by what people wrote, it was inspiring and also sad as people poured out their hurts that they hadn't even come to terms with yet. It's wonderful how safe a pen and paper can make you feel.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally my poetry blog is here!

A long time coming. But here we are.
I will be posting speaking engagements
and anything else that might be of interest.