Saturday, November 6, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "Anger"

Tumultuous atmosphere full of strife
Bitterness is hatred that destroys life.
Most anger is selfish hatred turned inside out;
Can burst if held in, so one must have to shout.

...Your anger can’t be contained like a consuming fire;
Causing all who cross your path to prematurely expire.
Tightened arteries, anger can’t push its way through;
The vessel is too small and it will eventually kill you.

Cancer, AIDS, drunk driving, diabetes and stroke;
When compared to anger’s fire, seem like just smoke.
Despite the deaths from the previous every year;
Anger, bitterness and unforgiveness kill many more I fear.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I was one of the featured poets at the Pasadena Library yesterday. I read these seven poems:

Once upon a time
Short life, short skirt
I am the Boss of Me
Good Better Best
Smell my success

I'll give you a couple of lines from each...

You ponder… what if he hadn’t rescued me that day?
I bet I’d be better off, I’d have found a way
To escape and be free to thrive on my own;
Instead of worshiping at the feet of his stinky throne.

Could it really ever be possible that I could be that comfortable in my own skin –

a skin that I would later come to recognize wasn’t me at all.

It was just the house I live in on earth and maybe I shouldn’t care if it needs a little maintenance, the true me dwells inside there


I have heard experts say that you can create much more wealth
If you’ve your own business, and your employer is yourself.
What a good idea, I decided I would to apply;
Thought, “I’ll definitely get the job; I’m my best ally”.


Start today, start this minute,
you’ve not finished
is this your due deserve?
Your justice, your eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth, Thou Shall Not Kill


They had done their best in shelters and such,
But dismay, there’s a time limit on that stuff.
Mom couldn’t secure a job and a place to live;
She’d had “offers”, but some things you just don’t give.


My daddy use to say “Good better best, never let it rest
Until the good gets better and the better gets best”.
I didn’t start out at ‘Good’, so I had a long way to travel
To get to a point where I wouldn’t involuntarily unravel.


Today I went to work hopeless and distraught, my wife is pregnant again; don’t buy your condoms from the 99 cent store.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slipping Loyalty

Excerpts from the Poem: Slipping Loyalty

Is your desire still to love and Cherish the wife of your youth
Or have the office gals turned your head if you had to tell the truth? ...

After all of these years why is it now that you have no self-control?
Is the incessant asking the secretary for ‘help’ your way to cajole? ...

You think you can live in two worlds and have your feet on either side. Your footing is not sure. Better watch marriage-slides due to slippery pride. ...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


You are going to miss 100% of the shots that you don't take;
The law of probabilities suggests that they're will some you make.
Forget the fear and excuses that are causing this immovable stalemate
You can't get any better without practice, that's how to become great.
If you don't go for it now you won't, your dream will certainly expire;
So make your fantasy reality, visualize your target, ready, aim, fire!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Date with Gym

Muscles are fatigued, losing the fight with cramps
Forget the stairs, where's the wheel-chair ramps?

...Can't stand erect on these throbbing thighs
Can't even keep open these heavy lids on the eyes...

Thought you were good for me, despite the feedback from each limb;
Sorry the courtship didn't go as planned, I gotta leave you Gym!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Excerpts from the poem "Just Be Content"

...There comes a point when one must realize they can't be hell-bent
On having everything immediately and still just be content....

...If you're forever looking ahead, you're not enjoying the moment;
Then your life flashes before your eyes like you didn't even own it.
Contentment shouldn't only be felt when you meet the next goal;
Not enjoying the journey is downright torture to the soul...

...If you can't celebrate the little victories and shake your party rattle;
You will deflate quickly when you actually do win the battle...

Monday, July 19, 2010


Excerpts from "HOW MANY VICTIMS?"

... It's like you're driving to your destination with a blindfold on;
Then wonder why you keep ending up on someone's front lawn....

In your hurry to get to your goal and have sought after clout;
You're creating too much wreckage and taking pedestrians out!

...You hit them in the crosswalk, head on in the collision;
Their dreams are now up in smoke because of your decision.

...How many victims have to fall for you to get where you want to be?
How will you answer to the charge of manslaughter in the 1st degree?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


1st Half of the Poem "Doormat"

I'm done. You've trampled on me many times. You won't anymore;
I'm done being your floor mat, forever waiting outside your door.
Being that squish of comfort on cement as you come and go;
You've not made me an equal, but turned me into something low.

It was always a competition with you, I didn't sign up to compete;
You’re threatened by my resilience, so you use me to wipe your feet.
You’ve dropped your ashes on me, I've been singed by the burn;
Set down on me your canned goods, paid for with what I earn....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dark Misery Long

Excerpts from the poem: Dark Misery Long

Darkness came, made itself known
Stretched over all the window shown
Terrorizing, daunting, a relentless bully
Not letting up enough to recover fully.

I hear children's sequels of happy delight
But have no joy seeing them without light...

It's true you can tell when love is in the air
Pose my arms to hug, but no one is there...

Stepped into my future and all felt right
Never before seen such astonishing light...

Encased in unfathomable love, pondered
Why was it so long that I had wandered?...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Casa 0101 Poetry Slam of 2010

I participated in the most amazing Poetry Slam Ever! Put on by Casa0101 I thought the piece that I prepared was pretty good... but these poets blew me out of the water, including by far "Hustle Diva" who I am pictured with here. Of course I didn't know what to expect I had never been in a poetry slam before, only a few 'open mics' here and there where nobody was really "off book". Here each poet, better than the next it was like we were transported to another reality that I can't even describe my friend Sheila came with me and we just kept looking at each other...stunned after and during each moving, passionate, heart-wrenching piece. Afterwards she asked me..."How would you even describe this evening?" I thought a second and I said "Words cannot express the words that were expressed".

A week later I am still dumb founded by what these talented slam poets could do with the same English language that I use. More slams to come... I hope.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Poetry Slam

I am going to be participating in my first ever Poetry Slam, feel a little more nervous than a regular open mic... I've only been to a few of those, but this seems a little more intensified, especially since there will be judges and everything! Please come out and cheer for me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, will we ever be?
If we were satisfied it would un-move us, complacency.
Sleep too long, why get up, everything is going to be fine;
No need to be rational or sober, pass the carafe of wine!

Awakened from that life of bliss and not by a dream sweet;
But by foreclosure, repo-man, pull the rug out from under feet.
Satisfied, satisfied, didn’t think you’d ever become hurt;
Satisfied and by satisfaction decided you didn’t have to work.

Empty hand, empty belly, empty life, are you still full of pride?
Life on the street a rude awakening; are you still satisfied?

Katherine Norland © 6-7-09 All Rights Reserved

Friday, April 16, 2010

weSPARK Book Coming Out

I had been going to weSPARK most Tuesday's for their writer's group. The leader would throw out a topic or play music or pass around an item or a picture and then she'd give us about 5 to 7 minutes to write whatever that prompt triggered. Many of the poems on here (so far) were done in those 5 minutes on fire.

Judith from class has put together a collection of writings based on the writers from that group. I have the privilege of having about ten of my poems in that book that should be out later this year. It will be available at the weSPARK location and as of right now I'm not sure where else it will be.

But it is sure to be inspiring, thought provoking and even a little dose of humor for good medicine. Proceeds will be going to this important cancer support center. Please do your part and pick up a copy. Visit

Friday, March 26, 2010

When Parents Bicker

A Portion of: When Parents Bicker

When parents bicker and fight,
Sometimes it means things are alright;
Over kids or money ration,
Heat means there's still passion.

I’d be more concerned if they didn’t bicker,
That means there’s no longer a flicker.
A flame has gone out, died;
They’ve given up, no longer tried.
Strangers passing in the hall;
Actions rewind, out of love they fall.

Lost ambition to do what they did;
Staying together just for the kid.

Photo by RT Norland

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The second half of the Poem: Walking on the Promises

My words are few,
no elegance left to express,
I leave it all to you to interpret
my feelings through my smile and dance;
can you see dark clouds disappear,
the sun shine causing new growth,
and drying the tears of loss and pain?
My hands swoop down and pick up my skirt,
and I spin and I spin and I spin,
I dance like no one is watching until
I collapse into a ball of dissipated energy,
rolling into what I once was,
walking on the promises with child-like faith.

Photo by: Judy Crozier

Thursday, March 18, 2010


2 of the 4 paragraphs from "The Scent of Springtime"

The scent of springtime is in the air;
A cornucopia of colors In awe I stare.
Daffodils dancing across the lawn;
Awoken by Robin Redbreast at dawn.


The blanketed snow on my dreams had hovered;
The smell of new beginnings is now uncovered.
I can see clearly now, inspired by the smell of spring;
That all things are possible, yes I mean anything.

Photo by: RT Norland

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Portions of the Poem: The Rich Shoe Shiner

With a soulful smile he sang “da da da da dooos”;
As he flipped his cloth around and shined up my shoes.
He worked with diligence, singing all the while;
My hard exterior softened, against my better judgment, I’d smile...

How could this poor man, staring at stinky feet all day,
Still have that optimistic countenance and spirit of play?
I looked up at his tip jar of quarters and I didn’t understand
The pleasure he got shining my shoes that cost two grand...

He somehow had a better life and I didn’t want to hear it;
Though I was rich outwardly, I was the one poor in spirit.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Excerpts from the Poem "Short Life, Short Skirt"

"...She threw herself onto the chair and laughed loudly as she kicked her feet up on the coffee table not meant for spiked heels. I marveled at her confidence and her self-awareness and carefree attitude, if I wore a mid-drift top I’d stay standing in the corner arms folded covering myself or at the very least sucking in each time I heard someone pass in case they would enter. But she didn’t care! She let her soft flesh stomach hang out gloriously over the top of the skirt so it looked like a muffin-top.

It didn’t bother her in the least. She indulged in the creamy long glazed split donuts filled with Bavarian cream and drizzled with chocolate and made no apologies as she went for the second. Could it really ever be possible that I could be that comfortable in my own skin – ...

...I will love myself and not feel the need to suck my stomach in, now please alter ego, save a donut for me!"

Photo by RT Norland

Friday, March 12, 2010


Once Upon a Time

“Once upon a time”, they all start that way;
Then a wrench is thrown in to ruin their day.
From an evil nemesis bent on their destruction;
Then saved by some brave or wise one’s instruction.

Now carried off to a ‘happily ever after’,
Frolicking in eternal bliss and laughter.
But fast forward now, six months down the road;
Has the handsome prince reverted back to a toad?

Demanding supper and yelling about his empty cup;
You get a wet hinny ‘cause he left the toilet seat up.
His debonair ways have diminished and faded;
Now you, the beautiful princess have become jaded.

You ponder… what if he hadn’t rescue me that day?
I bet I’d be better off, I’d have found a way
To escape and be free to thrive on my own;
Instead of worshiping at the feet of his stinky throne.

But alas, I’ve made my bed, I guess this is where I’ll lie;
In fairy tale land there’s no divorce – you just have to die!

Katherine Norland © 9-25-07
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Childhood treasures and remnants of childhood toys,
Nostalgic remembrances of many girls and boys.
Those things we grew out of and eventually threw away,
We now pay ridiculous amounts of money for on Ebay.

Why do we do that? Is it some kind of mental escape?
Like finding an old love letter, held together with tape.
Why do we reminisce so much about the times past?
Those fleeting moments of happiness that didn’t last.

Sometimes we do that so much, it robs us of the here and now;
The days seem to slip away, and we can’t seem to explain how.
We are not happy living in today, we want it like old times;
Stealing from future and present? I’m guilty of those crimes.

Let’s keep our mind focused on the future and present;
Let’s work hard now, so we don’t become a peasant.
Let’s save those memories for when we’re old and gray;
Let’s not let our reminiscing rob us of yet another today.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I’ve always wanted a porch swing to sit in and watch the neighbors walk by;
I’ve seen it in old movies, on the porch with lemonade and homemade pie.
But you don’t see that anymore now-a-days I guess no one has the time;
Or they’re too busy working on their careers while in their prime.

Are porch swings only for the old folks, retired, and over the hill?
It seems to be the only exercise reserved for those who sit still.
Maybe lack of porch swings is the reason no one knows their neighbors;
They don’t come asking to borrow a cup of sugar or egg, or other favors.

Everyone stays inside concerned with doing their own thing,
But I’d like to be the first on my block to get a porch swing.
I’d put it to good use, and I wouldn’t be shy
To say hello and maybe chat with each passer by.

Photo by RT Norland

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Parent Child Love

Excerpt from the poem: Parent Child Love

...Molded into a part of you, never again the same
Former things have passed, new love can’t be tamed.

Selfishness runs away instincts now heavily press,
To bind that brokenness and heal with each warm caress.
Children bring out in you a side you didn’t know could exist
Suddenly mud covered skinned knees in gravel begged to be kissed

A parents life on hold, surprisingly with no resentment in sight
Fighting for your pleasure that no longer seems to be right...

Photo by RT Norland

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "No Regrets"

If a problem in the world always gets to you
and it’s one you are hating;
It’s your duty to do something about it
no matter how exacerbating.
The very thing that aggravates you
is the thing you are called to fix;
You have everything it takes to start,
you’re just the right mix.
Answers will come if you step forward,
you’ll know what to do;
You will attract the help you need
when you passionately pursue.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Excerpt from the Poem "My Favorite Day"

My favorite day is when I’m not hard on myself
about my inadequacies;
when I’m at peace with myself and life,
despite what I haven’t accomplished.

A day around friends or family
when you can laugh and be who you really are;
play silly games and not feel like you are wasting your time,
but doing something meaningful.

When I can help someone who really needs it,
especially if they have no way of ever paying me back.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Excerpt from "LEGEND IN A HAT"

I’ve come to the end of myself to realize I can be content with little. But other days I have this hole burning inside me. I reiterate my blessings.

But the other half of me eats up my contentment and pushes me out on a ledge beyond my comfort level I look out on the horizon and shout –

I want to be legendary, like Mother Teresa, when they look past her decrepit state and prune like skin and only see her God within.

Photo by Amy Ward (AWARD studios)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


bits and pieces from the poem "IF NOT NOW WHEN?"

It is behind you, it's in the past.
wounds heal, scars last.
Let it heal, don’t pick it open.
Goals don't come by hopin’.
when will you accomplish your dream?
Don’t drift aimlessly down the stream.

paddle to get where you are going.
You’re beautiful even with scars showing.
You can achieve what you want to.
Set your face against the wind, push through.
Let go of what is holding you down.
Stay afloat, you don’t have to drown.

photo by RT Norland

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "Feather"

The feather floats down on a gentle breeze...

The boy works up his resolve and goes at it with gusto
it slips past his little fist mocking the boy's youth...

He could walk away and forget about it...
but if he continues to try...

The feather eventually lands on the ground...

he feigns victory over the now lifeless feather
which has become a feather in his cap;
no one the wiser of how it was captured,
only that it was.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Excerpt from the Poem "How does one Wait for their Answers?"

..."No one is exempt from pain; the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. It’s all in how the situation is handled; do you sit on the sidewalk and cry and continue to get soaked or do you run for temporary cover under an umbrella?

Do you seek shelter and what do you do if all the doors of the shelter are locked? Do you pound on the windows, try to break in or leave a note on the door? Or do you do all of the above, cry, find an umbrella, try to get shelter? And if all else fails while you’re waiting for your answer, do you lay down to moan in the road of life and risk being run over, or do you dance in rain until your answer arrives?"

photo by RT Norland

Monday, February 22, 2010


Excerpt from the Poem "Financial Ruin"

"He looked at the stack of bills and he was stewin’
“Linda you’re going to lead us into financial ruin...

She didn’t spend like this when things were going great;
This was her drug of choice when she chose to medicate...

Maybe a second job to pay for this kind of stuff;
She knew deep down it would never be enough...

They had a problem and she knew she was the only mender;
Read a proverb and agreed “The borrower is servant to the lender.”

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "Empty Your Mind"

"...Empty your mind of all that is untrue
Including so-called facts spoken to you.
Go with your gut and listen to your spirit
Block out the negative, chose not to hear it.

Focus on what is good and what is right,
It will improve your stance when you fight.
Concentrate on the good things you want to add,
Not things you must take away, considered bad...

Spend time only with friends who are kind,
And when it comes to others, empty your mind."

Monday, February 15, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "Confidential Letter"

So here it all is, with all my faults and each failure;
Putting it in this self-sealing bubble-wrap mailer.
I’m addressing it to you, and it’s only for your eyes;
Knowing the content inside could bring my demise.

I trust you fully; I see the compassion on your face;
It’s others I don’t trust… that’s why it’s now in the fire place.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Excerpt from the poem Confetti

How easy is it for us to judge someone,
or cast them aside as if they have no problems
because of the confetti type lifestyle
they appear to have, in all of its extravagance,
cars, clothes, jewelry, but all is a fa├žade
and can hide their own secret burnings
that they shelter in their heart,
that you would never get to know
if you didn’t open it up and look inside.

Photo by Adrian Carr

Monday, February 8, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "Burning Bridge"

"...“What if I don’t do it right, what if it can’t be fought;
What if it still consumes me and the fire has me caught?”
Then I in flames unwillingly plummet to my grave;
What if it’s all in vain and this fire can’t be stayed?

Torment chokes me, knocks out my knees, I drop paralyzed;
A little voice reminds me “One won’t know unless one tries.”
Extinguisher fizzes, nothing comes out, as the flames continue to rise,
I should have just jumped, and herein lies my demise.

Try again the voice proclaims, and I squeeze with all my might;
Not only did I live, I took the chance and did what was right..."

Photo by RT Norland

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "BLADE OF GRASS"

"...Though the world presses down upon us, we are but a blade of grass;
We can respond with love in tenacity and not come across crass.
Keep fighting through it though under the sidewalk you lay;
Strengthen yourself and look for the crack in it today.
Keep pushing in this life and know that you can make a dent;
Who says you can’t be the blade of grass to push through the cement!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "ART"

"It amazes me how certian people seem to worship art,
but not the one who made it with a bleeding heart.

Someone put their blood, sweat, and tears into that masterpiece;
the only thing some are concerned about is how he painted the geese.

I want to know about the person, what makes them faint?
What gives them joy, not just the mixture of the paint..."

Skateboard painted by Jesee Munoz

Thursday, February 4, 2010



"...Ants work all the time getting food stored for winter;
Critters crossing ‘harms way’ not afraid of getting a splinter.
They don’t make decisions based on their pleasure;
Nor for convenience sake, it’s not something they measure.

A bear may risk getting stung trying to get some honey;
But they wouldn’t sell out their own family for money."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


There are moments in life when we are called upon to do things we’ve never done before; to attempt things we have no expertise in; and it’s only us, no one to call, life line or expert panel, not even those in the full yellow page ad to save us; just us and the dilemma..........

In the end you are the one stuck with whatever decision you make. So do you relish the crazy insight and throw out everyone’s including your own lifetime of experience? You know the results of what will be if you take the road well advised and traveled… I suggest the grassy knoll of the narrow path, and then you won’t live the rest of your life in ‘what if’s’.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Digital Camera

Excerpt from "A Digital Camera"

"...I have taken hundreds of pictures since I got my new digital camera,
I have captured so many beautiful and insignificant moments;
only you would never know it by looking at my photo album.
The pictures are stuck in digital hell,
and just about the time you think you will print them
because your camera is too full,
you download them to your computer to deal with later;
only later doesn’t come..."

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Excerpt from "The Color of Silence"

Silence is golden most times that is true;
But not if it keeps you from doing what you ought to do.
When you see one in agony, subjugated or in pain;
Turning a blind eye and gagging a mouth is really a shame.

When someone is oppressing those that are meek;
Don’t willingly close your mouth when you could speak.
When it’s within your power and you don’t help the fellow;
That is the time when the Color of Silence is yellow.


Exceprt from "Good Luck Charm"

I used to believe in good luck, even had a charm;
Sometimes worn on neck, key chain or my arm.
But it never worked, I could not figure out why
Bad situations happened, all I could do was cry.

However the harder I worked with all of my might
My luck got better when I chose to do what was right.
When I finally cast away that childish idol;
Unlimited good luck came to me unbridled.


Excpert from "ITSY BITSY SPIDER" poem

“The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout”
What nonsense is that song about?
Seems like non-sense if we don’t explain
The lesson behind songs, it can become mundane.

Singing repeatedly about the spider climbing,
Is an example to keep going and stop whining.
If rain washes your dreams away,
The sun will return you can restart today.

It teaches persistence to never quit.
Now sing the song and get something out of it.


Excerpt from "BE QUICK"

Be quick to sing people’s praises overlook their faults;
quick to believe in them, not project doubts.
Doubt runs amuck in most people’s brains
Without encouraging words, hope goes down the drains.

Most never make it to the place where they can enjoy their fruit;
Given up on themselves before the seed forms a root.
Hordes will profess failure, around fresh dreams they lurk;
Be quick to shout louder about why it'll work.



I’ve finally discovered what I’d missed;
Everyone’s happy because ignorance is bliss.
Saying what's better left unsaid;
Giving reviews on books you haven’t read.

Putting down what you haven’t tried;
Acting as if you know because of pride.
Whether old, smart, dumb or young;
It’s usually much wiser to bite your tongue.
Better to not wax eloquent with a degree that’s faux;
There’s nothing wrong with confessing “I don’t know”.

photo by Amy Ward (AWARD Studios)


Excerpt from "Done for Love"

In order to protect myself,
I had locked up the love starved part so it was neglected;
Thought that better than to let my heart be in an exposed place
where it could be rejected.

I had bottled up so many years of love
always afraid of the outcome to let it go astray;
But now I know what is meant when they say
‘love is best when it’s given away’



we grew apart
she doesn’t meet my needs
but my ‘24’ year old mistress is there for me
she understands, she’s not a home wrecker
she’s the woman I should have married
though just in grade school when I actually did get married

the kids seems to like her a lot
we’ve got a room for them in our new place
and now they ping pong...between instability and familiarly
and land on the floor of unfaithfulness

photo by Amy Ward (AWARD Studios)


Excerpt from "I Determine My Future"

Who are you mad at, because of what your life has come to?
Realize that it’s because of something you did or didn’t do.
What you put into something, is what you will get out;
so do I cry or shout!

Is what I have planted the very thing that I want back?
In hurt and retaliation, do I bless or do or do I attack.
This is important, so be an eager hearer;
To get something different in life, talk to the one in the mirror.


Excerpt from ONLY FOR A SEASON

What do you do when your dream dies,
When falsely accused and everyone believes the lies?
When your reputation has been tarnished and stained,
When your credibility is destroyed, your name profaned?

Don’t dwell on your situation, pity yourself and cry;
Quit discussing what you wish would die!
can’t allow ourselves to let this tear us apart in all its commotion,
our testing ground is what qualifies us for promotion.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "Being a Parent"

Being a parent teaches you how to treat your own;
How you grieved your parents with things they didn’t condone.
You see how much it means now to do gestures of kindness;
Your love for your child, Overpowers the bad – love can cause blindness.

So now you can love your parents the way that you’re supposed to;
Even after mistakes they’ve made because you realize they were fallible too.
Now that you see how difficult it is and the challenges your parents went through;
I would hope that you forgive them, just like your kids may need to forgive you.

Friday, January 29, 2010


an Excerpt from Paper and Ink Are My Weapons of Choice

My weapon has been drawn, dipped in fresh ink;
Crisp white canvas with blue stripes, that link
The things that pour forth from this furious war,
Spill like blood on the page, score after score.

There’s no writers block, only a cease fire;
Then the call back to battle after being inspired.
Whether writing history or solely ...for entertainment fix;
You can change more perceptions than with politics.