Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Date with Gym

Muscles are fatigued, losing the fight with cramps
Forget the stairs, where's the wheel-chair ramps?

...Can't stand erect on these throbbing thighs
Can't even keep open these heavy lids on the eyes...

Thought you were good for me, despite the feedback from each limb;
Sorry the courtship didn't go as planned, I gotta leave you Gym!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Excerpts from the poem "Just Be Content"

...There comes a point when one must realize they can't be hell-bent
On having everything immediately and still just be content....

...If you're forever looking ahead, you're not enjoying the moment;
Then your life flashes before your eyes like you didn't even own it.
Contentment shouldn't only be felt when you meet the next goal;
Not enjoying the journey is downright torture to the soul...

...If you can't celebrate the little victories and shake your party rattle;
You will deflate quickly when you actually do win the battle...