Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My poem "Love Collapses" has been published on the ZO Magazine website in the poetry section. I just discovered it this morning. Here is the poem. And the art work they paired with it.

Here is the web address to the site and page" http://www.zomagazine.com/poetry/what-cloud/

Love Collapses

By Katherine Norland
Three-dimensional, synthetic DNA-like crystals
Three-dimensional, synthetic DNA-like crystals. . . . . . .
Where does it begin
And where does it end?

Is an extension
Of oneself

Where you don’t know
Where you end
And the other begins

Where there is
No them and no me
No them over there
And me over here

With love
There is no difference
Between them and me

We are all connected
All part of one
And the same

Love extends
Covers all
Unites all

When true love is present
It collapses the space between us
Consumes and connects

Others become
A natural extension
Of who you are

So much so
That you no longer see
A difference

So that when you look at another
You are looking at a mirror image
Reflection of yourself
Katherine Norland was born in Minnesota. She Is a poet and actress now living in Los Angeles with her husband and special needs son.