Saturday, December 1, 2012

Can't I Have It All Today?

I got a poem published in the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly issue # 56

Here is an excerpt

Have to
Make a living, I’ve got a gigantic
Mortgage to pay!
The joy
Of my future is sacrificed for what
I want today!

Why save?
The interest rate isn’t even worth it,
Why must I wait?
How come?
Can’t I have it all today, a life that’s
Beyond just great?
Why not
The latest car? Did you see my neighbor’s
Shiny new boat?
I know
I’m addicted to caffeine! Without sleep,
I seem to float.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness...Baring Your Soul

I must admit, I have not been devoting the kind of time I would like to in the pursuit of happiness...for me, that is poetry. A few more things have been opening up for me in pursuit of acting. Which also brings a great deal of's just two different kinds and it can be difficult to explain.
I am absolutely thrilled when I am engaged in both acting and poetry, in nearly any form, doing it or observing it. I just like being a part of people sharing their heart. When it come to poetry though, it seems like there is an automatic community, like no matter how different we are, when we come together as poets, we have the same heartbeat, we all know we've been down roads that could have left us stranded or in the ditch, and we pressed on, repaired our flats or hitch-hiked back to the world of pain that had us fleeing in the first place.

Actors also must bare their soul; there is a part of you that must absolutely be present in order to portray a role with any level of believability. Both require a vulnerability that is not needed in many professions outside of the entertainment industry...but there's something about the poet, that extra little courage it takes to tell your tale, not portray another person's tale but to put it out there in order to enlighten, move, rectify, resolve or any other manner of manifestations that take place when your word goes forth, as you spit your last word, holding your breath for the world to devour, or spit out?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Once Upon A Time" Happy Ever After? NOT

What really happens when the prince saves the princess? Do they go on to a happily ever after? Check out the poem I wrote on the topic "Once Upon A Time" This was read at Borders Bookstore in 2011

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Emotions On My Sleeve

My Poem "Emotions On My Sleeve" was recently published in Issue 53 of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly Below is a portion from it.

This is an excerpt from the Poem:
"EMOTIONS On My Sleeve"

...I’ve never cried so much,

Unless you count a Jr. high break up,
But that wasn’t even to this degree.
Self inflicted pain from the rental pumps,
Back pack pumps, and professional grade too.

It will never happen.

Everyone tells me of their remedies;
Some say the cure is to take their fish oil,
Drink their goat’s milk, or try their wonder herb.
I’ve downed fields of barley grass to no avail.

I’m depriving my son -

Of the greatest nutrition in the world.
Someone even had the nerve to tell me
That the reason I can’t produce milk is
Because I’m not emotional enough!

I’m aching to hold him…

They said I don’t feel enough for my child-
The biggest insult I’ve had in my life!
Even though we’ve known each other for years
They have absolutely no idea

How desperate my love is

For my child, I long to take care of him,
To be his mommy and to protect him;
I guess I hide my feelings very well,
But on the inside, emotions don’t quell...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

24 Ounce Baby Inspired a Book

After more than 4 years. I have finally completed "The N.I.C.U. Roller Coaster: Poems and Prayers for Parents of Preemies" It was a difficult labor or love to deliver this set of poems after I delivered this micro-preemie.

I'm praying that it blesses many who are going through the trials in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, not knowing if your child will live or die certainly changes one's perspective on everything in life we thought was important. It showed me what I was made of, I didn't crack (though it felt like I would at times) we got stronger instead of further apart.

This book chronicles the ‘roller coaster’ experience in the N.I.C.U. Not only about my son’s up and down health, but it seemed even more to do with the emotions that I experienced, having a ‘micro-preemie’ child fighting for his life.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Looking for Work...MUSE For HIRE

Muse for Hire

Freelance muse, looking for work;
Motivating your creative works the perk.

I’ve had various odd jobs, here and there,
Writing political manifestos and news letters with care.

I’ve encouraged architects and interior decorating d├ęcor;
Inventions never cease, wickets, widgets, and gadgets galore.

Instigating grant proposals, evoking ad execs for their best campaign;
Stirring new flavors for burger toppings, and secrets for assembly line gain.

I’m looking for steady work, this partial resume is extensive, I know it;
But all I want to do for the rest of my days is inspire a true poet!

Photo by: RT Norland