Sunday, January 31, 2010


Excerpt from "The Color of Silence"

Silence is golden most times that is true;
But not if it keeps you from doing what you ought to do.
When you see one in agony, subjugated or in pain;
Turning a blind eye and gagging a mouth is really a shame.

When someone is oppressing those that are meek;
Don’t willingly close your mouth when you could speak.
When it’s within your power and you don’t help the fellow;
That is the time when the Color of Silence is yellow.


Exceprt from "Good Luck Charm"

I used to believe in good luck, even had a charm;
Sometimes worn on neck, key chain or my arm.
But it never worked, I could not figure out why
Bad situations happened, all I could do was cry.

However the harder I worked with all of my might
My luck got better when I chose to do what was right.
When I finally cast away that childish idol;
Unlimited good luck came to me unbridled.


Excpert from "ITSY BITSY SPIDER" poem

“The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout”
What nonsense is that song about?
Seems like non-sense if we don’t explain
The lesson behind songs, it can become mundane.

Singing repeatedly about the spider climbing,
Is an example to keep going and stop whining.
If rain washes your dreams away,
The sun will return you can restart today.

It teaches persistence to never quit.
Now sing the song and get something out of it.


Excerpt from "BE QUICK"

Be quick to sing people’s praises overlook their faults;
quick to believe in them, not project doubts.
Doubt runs amuck in most people’s brains
Without encouraging words, hope goes down the drains.

Most never make it to the place where they can enjoy their fruit;
Given up on themselves before the seed forms a root.
Hordes will profess failure, around fresh dreams they lurk;
Be quick to shout louder about why it'll work.



I’ve finally discovered what I’d missed;
Everyone’s happy because ignorance is bliss.
Saying what's better left unsaid;
Giving reviews on books you haven’t read.

Putting down what you haven’t tried;
Acting as if you know because of pride.
Whether old, smart, dumb or young;
It’s usually much wiser to bite your tongue.
Better to not wax eloquent with a degree that’s faux;
There’s nothing wrong with confessing “I don’t know”.

photo by Amy Ward (AWARD Studios)


Excerpt from "Done for Love"

In order to protect myself,
I had locked up the love starved part so it was neglected;
Thought that better than to let my heart be in an exposed place
where it could be rejected.

I had bottled up so many years of love
always afraid of the outcome to let it go astray;
But now I know what is meant when they say
‘love is best when it’s given away’



we grew apart
she doesn’t meet my needs
but my ‘24’ year old mistress is there for me
she understands, she’s not a home wrecker
she’s the woman I should have married
though just in grade school when I actually did get married

the kids seems to like her a lot
we’ve got a room for them in our new place
and now they ping pong...between instability and familiarly
and land on the floor of unfaithfulness

photo by Amy Ward (AWARD Studios)


Excerpt from "I Determine My Future"

Who are you mad at, because of what your life has come to?
Realize that it’s because of something you did or didn’t do.
What you put into something, is what you will get out;
so do I cry or shout!

Is what I have planted the very thing that I want back?
In hurt and retaliation, do I bless or do or do I attack.
This is important, so be an eager hearer;
To get something different in life, talk to the one in the mirror.


Excerpt from ONLY FOR A SEASON

What do you do when your dream dies,
When falsely accused and everyone believes the lies?
When your reputation has been tarnished and stained,
When your credibility is destroyed, your name profaned?

Don’t dwell on your situation, pity yourself and cry;
Quit discussing what you wish would die!
can’t allow ourselves to let this tear us apart in all its commotion,
our testing ground is what qualifies us for promotion.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "Being a Parent"

Being a parent teaches you how to treat your own;
How you grieved your parents with things they didn’t condone.
You see how much it means now to do gestures of kindness;
Your love for your child, Overpowers the bad – love can cause blindness.

So now you can love your parents the way that you’re supposed to;
Even after mistakes they’ve made because you realize they were fallible too.
Now that you see how difficult it is and the challenges your parents went through;
I would hope that you forgive them, just like your kids may need to forgive you.

Friday, January 29, 2010


an Excerpt from Paper and Ink Are My Weapons of Choice

My weapon has been drawn, dipped in fresh ink;
Crisp white canvas with blue stripes, that link
The things that pour forth from this furious war,
Spill like blood on the page, score after score.

There’s no writers block, only a cease fire;
Then the call back to battle after being inspired.
Whether writing history or solely ...for entertainment fix;
You can change more perceptions than with politics.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trying to Please

Excerpt from Poem "Trying to Please"

Trying to please, I masquerade as someone else;
Am I ashamed of who I am, cannot be myself?
Why do we get consumed with what other people think?
To have fun or take the edge off some feel they have to drink.

Why do we get all wrapped up like that, I don’t think it’s just
To stake our whole life’s happiness on one made of dust.

Photo by Amy Ward (AWARD Studios)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "OFFENCES"

I won’t permit myself to be offended for I know where it leads; Because of my desired harvest, I refuse to plant those bitter seeds When they grow they are like weeds that come up to strangle; I will avoid wholly that, entrapping my fruit into that tangle. Release what’s been done to you, it’s black and white;Never is it true that two wrongs make a right.