Friday, March 26, 2010

When Parents Bicker

A Portion of: When Parents Bicker

When parents bicker and fight,
Sometimes it means things are alright;
Over kids or money ration,
Heat means there's still passion.

I’d be more concerned if they didn’t bicker,
That means there’s no longer a flicker.
A flame has gone out, died;
They’ve given up, no longer tried.
Strangers passing in the hall;
Actions rewind, out of love they fall.

Lost ambition to do what they did;
Staying together just for the kid.

Photo by RT Norland

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The second half of the Poem: Walking on the Promises

My words are few,
no elegance left to express,
I leave it all to you to interpret
my feelings through my smile and dance;
can you see dark clouds disappear,
the sun shine causing new growth,
and drying the tears of loss and pain?
My hands swoop down and pick up my skirt,
and I spin and I spin and I spin,
I dance like no one is watching until
I collapse into a ball of dissipated energy,
rolling into what I once was,
walking on the promises with child-like faith.

Photo by: Judy Crozier

Thursday, March 18, 2010


2 of the 4 paragraphs from "The Scent of Springtime"

The scent of springtime is in the air;
A cornucopia of colors In awe I stare.
Daffodils dancing across the lawn;
Awoken by Robin Redbreast at dawn.


The blanketed snow on my dreams had hovered;
The smell of new beginnings is now uncovered.
I can see clearly now, inspired by the smell of spring;
That all things are possible, yes I mean anything.

Photo by: RT Norland

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Portions of the Poem: The Rich Shoe Shiner

With a soulful smile he sang “da da da da dooos”;
As he flipped his cloth around and shined up my shoes.
He worked with diligence, singing all the while;
My hard exterior softened, against my better judgment, I’d smile...

How could this poor man, staring at stinky feet all day,
Still have that optimistic countenance and spirit of play?
I looked up at his tip jar of quarters and I didn’t understand
The pleasure he got shining my shoes that cost two grand...

He somehow had a better life and I didn’t want to hear it;
Though I was rich outwardly, I was the one poor in spirit.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Excerpts from the Poem "Short Life, Short Skirt"

"...She threw herself onto the chair and laughed loudly as she kicked her feet up on the coffee table not meant for spiked heels. I marveled at her confidence and her self-awareness and carefree attitude, if I wore a mid-drift top I’d stay standing in the corner arms folded covering myself or at the very least sucking in each time I heard someone pass in case they would enter. But she didn’t care! She let her soft flesh stomach hang out gloriously over the top of the skirt so it looked like a muffin-top.

It didn’t bother her in the least. She indulged in the creamy long glazed split donuts filled with Bavarian cream and drizzled with chocolate and made no apologies as she went for the second. Could it really ever be possible that I could be that comfortable in my own skin – ...

...I will love myself and not feel the need to suck my stomach in, now please alter ego, save a donut for me!"

Photo by RT Norland

Friday, March 12, 2010


Once Upon a Time

“Once upon a time”, they all start that way;
Then a wrench is thrown in to ruin their day.
From an evil nemesis bent on their destruction;
Then saved by some brave or wise one’s instruction.

Now carried off to a ‘happily ever after’,
Frolicking in eternal bliss and laughter.
But fast forward now, six months down the road;
Has the handsome prince reverted back to a toad?

Demanding supper and yelling about his empty cup;
You get a wet hinny ‘cause he left the toilet seat up.
His debonair ways have diminished and faded;
Now you, the beautiful princess have become jaded.

You ponder… what if he hadn’t rescue me that day?
I bet I’d be better off, I’d have found a way
To escape and be free to thrive on my own;
Instead of worshiping at the feet of his stinky throne.

But alas, I’ve made my bed, I guess this is where I’ll lie;
In fairy tale land there’s no divorce – you just have to die!

Katherine Norland © 9-25-07
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Childhood treasures and remnants of childhood toys,
Nostalgic remembrances of many girls and boys.
Those things we grew out of and eventually threw away,
We now pay ridiculous amounts of money for on Ebay.

Why do we do that? Is it some kind of mental escape?
Like finding an old love letter, held together with tape.
Why do we reminisce so much about the times past?
Those fleeting moments of happiness that didn’t last.

Sometimes we do that so much, it robs us of the here and now;
The days seem to slip away, and we can’t seem to explain how.
We are not happy living in today, we want it like old times;
Stealing from future and present? I’m guilty of those crimes.

Let’s keep our mind focused on the future and present;
Let’s work hard now, so we don’t become a peasant.
Let’s save those memories for when we’re old and gray;
Let’s not let our reminiscing rob us of yet another today.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I’ve always wanted a porch swing to sit in and watch the neighbors walk by;
I’ve seen it in old movies, on the porch with lemonade and homemade pie.
But you don’t see that anymore now-a-days I guess no one has the time;
Or they’re too busy working on their careers while in their prime.

Are porch swings only for the old folks, retired, and over the hill?
It seems to be the only exercise reserved for those who sit still.
Maybe lack of porch swings is the reason no one knows their neighbors;
They don’t come asking to borrow a cup of sugar or egg, or other favors.

Everyone stays inside concerned with doing their own thing,
But I’d like to be the first on my block to get a porch swing.
I’d put it to good use, and I wouldn’t be shy
To say hello and maybe chat with each passer by.

Photo by RT Norland

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Parent Child Love

Excerpt from the poem: Parent Child Love

...Molded into a part of you, never again the same
Former things have passed, new love can’t be tamed.

Selfishness runs away instincts now heavily press,
To bind that brokenness and heal with each warm caress.
Children bring out in you a side you didn’t know could exist
Suddenly mud covered skinned knees in gravel begged to be kissed

A parents life on hold, surprisingly with no resentment in sight
Fighting for your pleasure that no longer seems to be right...

Photo by RT Norland

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Excerpt from the poem "No Regrets"

If a problem in the world always gets to you
and it’s one you are hating;
It’s your duty to do something about it
no matter how exacerbating.
The very thing that aggravates you
is the thing you are called to fix;
You have everything it takes to start,
you’re just the right mix.
Answers will come if you step forward,
you’ll know what to do;
You will attract the help you need
when you passionately pursue.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Excerpt from the Poem "My Favorite Day"

My favorite day is when I’m not hard on myself
about my inadequacies;
when I’m at peace with myself and life,
despite what I haven’t accomplished.

A day around friends or family
when you can laugh and be who you really are;
play silly games and not feel like you are wasting your time,
but doing something meaningful.

When I can help someone who really needs it,
especially if they have no way of ever paying me back.