Friday, May 7, 2010

Casa 0101 Poetry Slam of 2010

I participated in the most amazing Poetry Slam Ever! Put on by Casa0101 I thought the piece that I prepared was pretty good... but these poets blew me out of the water, including by far "Hustle Diva" who I am pictured with here. Of course I didn't know what to expect I had never been in a poetry slam before, only a few 'open mics' here and there where nobody was really "off book". Here each poet, better than the next it was like we were transported to another reality that I can't even describe my friend Sheila came with me and we just kept looking at each other...stunned after and during each moving, passionate, heart-wrenching piece. Afterwards she asked me..."How would you even describe this evening?" I thought a second and I said "Words cannot express the words that were expressed".

A week later I am still dumb founded by what these talented slam poets could do with the same English language that I use. More slams to come... I hope.