Wednesday, April 4, 2012

24 Ounce Baby Inspired a Book

After more than 4 years. I have finally completed "The N.I.C.U. Roller Coaster: Poems and Prayers for Parents of Preemies" It was a difficult labor or love to deliver this set of poems after I delivered this micro-preemie.

I'm praying that it blesses many who are going through the trials in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, not knowing if your child will live or die certainly changes one's perspective on everything in life we thought was important. It showed me what I was made of, I didn't crack (though it felt like I would at times) we got stronger instead of further apart.

This book chronicles the ‘roller coaster’ experience in the N.I.C.U. Not only about my son’s up and down health, but it seemed even more to do with the emotions that I experienced, having a ‘micro-preemie’ child fighting for his life.


  1. Have been been seeing your MassMutual ad forever -- touching but I figured it was fictional. Tonight thought I'd look up some info about the ad. When I saw the character was played by an actress (you), I figured that confirms the story is fictional. But seeing that you write poetry looked intriguing, so following the link brought me to the photo above, and WOW. If the ad isn't completely fictional, there must be some truth to it. So hats off to you for whatever truth the commercial depicts.

    1. Hi, I'm sorry I'm just seeing your comment now. The ad is all completely true, there was nothing fictionalized in it. Some days are really difficult, but everyday with him is a blessing. Thanks for reaching out.